The Tunes & Tails BBQ Cook-Off Committee welcomes you to the 1st annual Hector Mendieta Memorial Fishing Tournament and BBQ Cook-Off. All Cook-Off teams are required to submit an entry form to this event. The entry application entitles the cooking team to one Cook-Off space at a rate of $250.00. The entry fee must be received at the time of application, and no credit can be extended. Spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and no space will be held without an entry form and fee being turned in.

Cook-off Entry Forms: BBQ entries will be accepted until 5pm, Friday, September 23.  Entries are placed on a first-come, first served bases, until all spaces have been taken. 

Team Composition: Each Team must consist of one head cook and four team members. Each Team must HAVE and COOK on its own pit and team members may not cook for more than one team during the competition. Each cooking team is required to have the Head Cook attend the Head Cooks meeting which will be held Friday, September 23, 2016 at 7:00 P.M. The Head cook is responsible for the operation of the team space and all team actions within or outside of the designated space by members or guest of his or her cooking team. The Head Cook must be available to the Cook-Off committee when necessary. Each Team may be responsible for providing one tasting judge, this person must be at least 18 years of age, must not be intoxicated and cannot be the head cook. Each team will be provided 5 wristbands, which must be worn by eachmember of the cooking team during entire weekend of the event. The wristband allows access to cook-off and concert events during entire weekend. Any additional guest will be required to purchase a weekend wristband. Wristbands may be purchased in advance on entry forms and will be added to Head Cooks Welcome packet.

Cooking Categories and Rules:

Cooking categories to be judged will be: Brisket, Chicken, Pork Ribs, Beans and Cooks Choice.

Quantities for turn in is listed on entry form and will be announced at Head Cooks meeting. All meat must be raw. No pre-marinated meat is permitted prior to start of cook-off. Meat will be inspected by BBQ Committee along with tagging of Briskets. No garnish or sauce may be in turn in tray for judging. The use of sauce is permitted during cooking but should be well cooked into the meat. It may not be ladled, spooned or otherwise placed on the meat during turn in for judging. Judging containers will be provided at Head Cooks Meeting. Food for judging turned in using containers other than those provided by Cook-Off committee will be disqualified.

Official Start and turn in times will be provided with entry forms and posted at the judging pavilion.

Open Category: Must be cooked onsite and cannot be one of the competition meats. Head Cook’s Wife or Girlfriend must be willing to eat it in front of BBQ Committee Member!

Equipment: The Tunes and Tails BBQ Committee will provide cooking teams with space only.

Cooking teams must provide all necessary equipment and supplies. Each team must provide drip pans and ground protection during pit use. All teams are required to have a fire extinguisher present with a current tag during all times of cooking. Committee personnel will randomly inspect for fire extinguishers. Props, trailers, motor homes, RV’s, tents, generators, coverings and/or any other part of the cooking team’s equipment is the sole responsibility of the cooking team and may not extend past the designated cooking team space.

  • Fire holes or open pits are not permitted.
  • Pit fires must be from wood or wood substance (Charcoal). BBQ pits may utilize the use of propane to start fires only.
  • NO Gas or electric cookers allowed except for beans.

Event staff is not responsible for theft and/or any type of damage to equipment of Cookers {Pits, Vehicles, Campers, belongings, ETC}.

Cook-off set up times:

  • Set up time begins at 7:00 A.M. Friday September 23, 2016. Register with BBQ Committee set up team for Welcome package and designated Cooking area.
  • Set up time will end at 5:00 P.M. Friday September 23, 2016. During setup time pits,RV’s, Tents, etc., may be brought in and set up. Immediately upon set up completion the removal of all motorized vehicles is appreciated.
  • Cook-Off sites will be approximately 40’ x 40’ or as otherwise marked. A team’s equipment and decorations must fit within area assigned.
  • The BBQ committee will not provide Electricity or Water.
  • All Tent structures or canopies must be secured.

Behavior and Conduct: Head Cooks are responsible for the conduct of team members and guest.

Excessive use of alcoholic beverages may be ground for disqualification. Under NO circumstances are alcoholic beverages to be given to Minors. Each team must monitor its own area as it pertains to minors. Event security and BBQ committee members will be permitted to all areas of the cook-off, including team tents, etc. Security will have the authority to handle matters in accordance with the law.

  • No Alcohol, goods or food sales are permitted to the general public.
  • Teams alcohol consumption should be limited to team and guest on Friday and Team only for Saturday.  The event will be selling beer as a fund raising activity.
  • There will be no lewd or inappropriate acts or behavior allowed on the grounds of the event by cookers, guest, staff, etc. Any cookers found participating in or allowing inappropriate activities in cooking areas will be disqualified from the cook-off, cookers event will be shut down and the team involved will be removed from the premises immediately as deemed by Event security and the Law.
  • Disqualified teams will not be allowed to participate in future Tails & Tunes cook-offs or events.

Housekeeping: Each Team is responsible for cleanup within its assigned space.

Cleaning is expected in a timely manner throughout event. This is a charity event with food being provided to public. The use of clean cooking methods and cooking areas is expected. Teams are to provide trash bags or liners. Trash pick-up will be provided periodically, so please ensure that trash bags are not packed full, tied and ready for pick-up. Upon Checkout, each team is required to pick up and remove trash, debris, food, etc, and place in the dumpster provided.

Entertainment: Live entertainment (e.g., bands, singers, karaoke, etc) will not be allowed in team tents.
This is a charity event.  Entertainment will be provided for fund raising.

PA’s and radios shall be played at a reasonable volume level. A security officer will determine excessive noise and any request made to teams to be turned down or shut down must be obeyed. A noise curfew will be in effect from midnight to 7:00 A.M. during event.  Please no excessively loud music anytime.

Any questions regarding security officer request not being obeyed see Behavior and Conduct section.

Transportation: The use of motor vehicles in cook-off area will be prohibited during event hours.

Hours of vehicle operation for will be posted with event registration.

  • The use of Golf carts and UTV’s will be allowed in Cook-off area only by team members and only for the purpose of restocking supplies, turn in of food, ETC.  The use of any motorized vehicle in pavilion area or near/by general public will be prohibited.
  • The use of motorized vehicle in an unsafe manner at any time as deemed by Security officers or Event committee members will be grounds for disqualification and removal from event.
  • Guest and general public are not allowed to bring or operate golf carts, motor vehicles, bicycles, roller skates, skate boards, remote control toys, or any other motorized vehicle except wheelchairs into contest/event area. The use of drones are not allowed in contest/event area at any time.

Security officers and event committee members have the discretion to remove any drone or flying device by use of shotgun.

Cleanup: Prior to leaving it is the team responsibility to see that designated cook area is clean.

All fires must be put out. Any concrete blocks or other building materials used must be hauled away. Dumpsters provided are for trash only. All equipment used by cook-off teams must be removed by 12:00 P.M. Sunday September 25, 2016. Any space left in disarray, loose or bundled trash, not thoroughly cleaned will disqualify team from future participation in Tunes & Tails events.

All Tents and canopies must be also removed by end of day Sunday, September 25, 2016.


Official BBQ Sponsor

Reminder:  Print out your confirmation form after registration!

2016 BBQ Cook-Off Rules & Regulations